The Film Photography Revival

Written by Arabella Bradley (@arabella_luisa) Over the last few years, film photography has had a bit of a revival. It’s most commonly viewed as a hobby for pretentious artsy people (definitely not denying that is true), but the stigma is probably due to the fact places like Urban Outfitters have been stocking Polaroid and tomography […]

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Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

Written by Kat Cutler-MacKenzie (@geometryforbeginners) The V&A’s latest exhibition, Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion, offers a summary of Cristobal Balenciaga’s sculptural and sophisticated approach to design. From armadillo folds to taffeta cascades, the show highlights the worldwide influence of the Spanish couturier. He unclasped the pinched waists of Dior’s ‘new look’ and constructed architectural garments with simultaneous certitude […]

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Slowing Down on Fast Fashion

Written by Arabella Bradley (@arabella_luisa) ‘Fast fashion’ is a term that has been banded about a lot in recent years, probably due to the rapid emergence of online retailers such as Missguided and Prettylittlething, who are arguably some of the front-runners in the race to deliver affordable, trend-led clothing. The rise of online influencers who […]

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Alexandra Saviour @ Scala, London

Written by Phoebe Scott (@ph0ebeanastasia) ‘Belladonna of Sadness’ is such a beautifully unapologetic album about heartbreak, so I expected nothing less than the moving performance Alexandra Savior delivered to London’s Scala on May 30th. The 21-year-old from Portland released her debut album back in April this year which was co-produced with Arctic Monkeys front-man, Alex Turner. To […]

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Murakami by Murakami

Written by Phoebe Scott (@ph0ebeanastasia) I recently went to visit a close friend of mine in Norway and during my travels I was lucky enough to explore the capital – Oslo –  for a few days. Like in any city, the best way to experience it is to immerse yourself in the culture and events. Of […]

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A Note to People Who Talk at Gigs

Written by Phoebe Scott (@ph0ebeanastasia) Picture yourself at a gig, beer in hand, friends at your side, pre-drinks hitting the brain and your favourite band is playing. All good right? NO. You can’t hear anything due to some guy called Dave standing behind you who won’t stop talking to his mate about his Mrs, the […]

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Mac Demarco – This Old Dog

Written by Bradley Naylor (@Brad_Kittens) For the first five years of his career, Canadian “jizz-jazzer” and singer-songwriter, Mac Demarco has pushed his way through the throng of the alternative music masses, and is now arguably the shining light of the alternative scene. Since the bubbly, Spongebob-esque melodies of ‘2′ and the bittersweet tenderness of ‘Salad Days’, […]

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