Hoops – Routines

Written by Arabella Bradley (@arabella_luisa)

‘Routines’ is one of those magic albums that has the ability to make you feel like it’s summer even when its not. It’s equally great to listen to when it is actually sunny and will improve your listening experience tenfold, so how fitting is it that the weather has improved dramatically since the band arrived in the UK for their tour?

The album is one of the first releases in a long time that I have been truly excited by. It’s so well crafted in terms of tracklisting, providing the perfect transition from the upbeat tracks like ‘Rules’ to the more mellow ‘On Letting Go’ and ‘Underwater Theme’. The band’s ability to showcase a variety of sounds in the short space of thirty minutes is something many fall short on, but not Hoops. Perhaps this is due to their songwriting process, which is apparent from watching them play live; each band member takes the lead at some point during the set, depending on who has written that particular song. ‘Routines’ demonstrates that Hoops are very much a collaborative outfit, with everyone bringing something to the table. I am a huge advocate for that; I think its really obvious when bands have one member who’s the main songwriter, because things can get stale pretty quickly.

Trying to choose the stand-out tracks on the album is proving pretty difficult because each song in itself could easily be a single. Bold claim, I know, but listen for yourself and then tell me you don’t agree.

‘Routines’ is out today via Fat Possum Records.

Go and show the band some love on Twitter and Facebook, or catch them at one of their remaining UK dates:

7/05 – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

8/05 – The Louisiana, Bristol

9/05 – Green Door Store, Brighton

10/05 – The Lexington, London

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