A Note to People Who Talk at Gigs

Written by Phoebe Scott (@ph0ebeanastasia)

Picture yourself at a gig, beer in hand, friends at your side, pre-drinks hitting the brain and your favourite band is playing. All good right?

NO. You can’t hear anything due to some guy called Dave standing behind you who won’t stop talking to his mate about his Mrs, the football score, and how he wants a kebab on his way home. Or there’s a girl who is chatting to her mates about how this song reminds her of her ex but she doesn’t care because she’s ‘completely over him’. Or there’s a rowdy bunch of teenagers who can’t get into a pub/club, they’ve had two WKDs and are ready to rule the world. You almost remember being that careless and confident, but you swear you definitely weren’t as dickish?

The list is endless. And yes, I have definitely had to endure all of the above.

What I don’t seem to understand, is why you would spend £20 on a ticket to come and watch someone play live if you genuinely didn’t want to listen to the music? You could go to a pub for free, or a park if the weather is nice, or even just have a gathering at someone’s house and chat as loudly as you please. But these deluded people want to fork out their money just to stand behind you and chat the entire way through a performance.

Firstly, this is blatantly rude to whoever is performing; they are showcasing their talent and it’s obviously nerve-racking to expose yourself like that, even more so if they can see people aren’t even paying attention. Secondly, there is no doubt that the majority of the audience do actually want to listen to, and appreciate, the artist. Just because you got dragged along by your mate, that doesn’t mean you should start slating the performer if you’re not enjoying it.

This has happened way too many times in my experience. I think it all depends on factors such as the type of crowd the artist attracts, and how cheap or limited the tickets were.

I don’t want to sound like some boring old lady, but I do think there is a time and place to have a catch up? Sure, let your mates know if you’re heading to the loo or getting a drink, but a full-on, lengthy conversation seems wrong to me.

So if you ever spot me at a gig and you’re planning on chatting to your mate throughout: MOVE FROM ME.


Artwork by @arabella_luisa

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