Alexandra Saviour @ Scala, London

Written by Phoebe Scott (@ph0ebeanastasia)

‘Belladonna of Sadness’ is such a beautifully unapologetic album about heartbreak, so I expected nothing less than the moving performance Alexandra Savior delivered to London’s Scala on May 30th. The 21-year-old from Portland released her debut album back in April this year which was co-produced with Arctic Monkeys front-man, Alex Turner.

To get an idea of her vocal style: think Lana Del Rey but with jazz undertones, infused with sombre lyrics that give an authentic insight into a broken relationship. It’s almost as if Savior has this theatrical persona that she automatically clicks into whenever she is performing. She surrounds herself in a bed of smoke while she floats her arms in marionette fashion, and uses different accents depending on the song.

However, as soon a song ends and she no longer has her music to hide behind, her character fades away and she’s left standing vulnerable and shy. At points she would even crouch down or turn away from the crowd when she realised how exposed she was, proving that she may not be too comfortable in the spotlight yet.

Her set started out with ‘Frankie‘, leading onto the other glorious songs from the album – almost playing it in full – and finishing off with ‘Mystery Girl’. The entire gig was a spectacle to say the least. She also played her song ‘Risk’ which is another song she wrote in collaboration with Alex Turner back in 2015, but it didn’t make it onto the album. I was left feeling slightly disappointed when Savior didn’t play her most popular single ‘Shades’ as her encore. She said “guys don’t make me do it, I hate that song” before exiting the stage with no return.

It did feel slightly diva-ish to not play her most well-known song as she’s not got an extensive discography for her to be able to do that just yet, but all in all I’d give the gig a 8/10.


Photo c/o Phoebe Scott.

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