The Creative Rut

Written by Arabella Bradley (@arabella_luisa)

For a while now I’ve been stuck in a deep rut when it comes to creativity. I’ve even been struggling to find things that inspire me to create and to write. Between uni, a part-time job and just trying to get through daily adult life, I haven’t really had chance to sit down and get myself back on my feet with LUISA. Until now, thanks to the crazy amount of snow in the U.K. which has stopped me doing anything else but sitting at my laptop all day!

To say I’ve totally neglected this space would be a complete understatement, however I have had a few ideas of where I’d like to take LUISA this year, it’s just a case of getting it off the ground. I stopped posting because I felt really unsure about where I was going with it all. I wasn’t entirely happy with the content, and whilst I still want to get other people as involved as possible, I think running a collective of writers successfully is a really difficult thing to do well!

Expect to see more think pieces, interviews, and maybe even just some ‘what’s inspiring me lately’ photo-based posts. I intend (at some point in the near future, I hope) to expand this space to an online shop, to sell my own work and that of other creatives, so if anyone would like to be involved please let me know!

I am currently taking a painting course, which has been a great way to start making work again and has massively helped to get me out of my creative rut. The image in this post is a piece I made last week, combining a 35mm film photograph I took in Manchester with oil paint. I’m in the process of making a series in this style so maybe I’ll write about the project once it’s finished. I’m hoping to do a printmaking course and/or ceramics course next which I hope will not only teach me new skills but will also give me a dedicated amount of time each week to spend on making art.

If anyone else is feeling a bit stuck creatively I’d definitely advise trying to find a course near you, or sign up to one of your local galleries as they’ve usually got loads of extra workshops and artist talks going on. And talk to your creative friends! Ask them about their projects, because that might spark an idea and help inspire you to create too! Reading – whether it is other blogs, articles, books – can also be hugely helpful. Pinterest and Instagram are obviously also great for getting inspired but don’t spend too much time on there because it can definitely make you feel even worse about being in a creative rut when you see everyone else doing great things that seem so unattainable to you (a.k.a how I have felt for the past ???? months that I’ve been gone).


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